Why is sealcoating recommended?

Whether it be a driveway, parking lot, deck, etc., protecting the surface prolongs the beauty and life of the material. Sealcoating your driveway or parking lot will protect and preserve the asphalt and help save costly repairs from having to replace such an investment. 


Sealmaster is a top supplier for American Stripers for sealcoat and crack fill material. Sealmaster provides great information regarding their products. See below link for some of this information:


What is the price of sealcoating?

Each driveway is unique and the sealing price is different. Based on the size and condition of your driveway, we use our unit pricing model to give you the most fair and competitive price possible.

What about the cracks?

Cracks are an invitation to moisture and harmful chemicals to seep into the pavement’s base and ruin your driveway. As this moisture expands and freezes, the pavement will break and the driveway will fail. To prevent this, we install a high-quality, hot applied crack and joint sealant to your cracks before sealcoating. Although this crackfill is visible, the sealed cracks prevents moisture for causing further damage.

After sealcoating, when can I park on my driveway?

Dry times for sealcoat depend greatly on the exposure to the sun and temperatures. In most cases, you can walk and drive on the driveway within 24 hours after sealcoating.

What do I need to do to prepare for sealcoat?

The only thing we need from you as a customer is to clear your driveway of all vehicles, equipment, dumpsters, and other things. We do not need you to clean or prepare the driveway in any way. We clean and prepare the driveway for sealing when we arrive.